Probate Valuations.

It has become increasingly more common due to high property prices that many estates now come close to or go over the inheritance tax threshold resulting in a probate valuation of the household and personal goods being required, although the value of the property places these estates in the inheritance tax bracket in most cases the remainder of the estate has a relatively low value. 

We have over 15 years experience of dealing with secondhand furniture, antiques and collectable items, for low value estates we can provide you with an accurate written probate valuation of the household contents and personal goods based on the true open market value of goods in their current condition, and in compliance with all current legislation regarding these items, this valuation is worded in such a way as to be acceptable to HMRC for completion of Schedule IHT407 for the purpose of inheritance tax, we can provide this service for solicitors, executors, and members of the public, we are also agents for some of the leading auction houses in the South Wales area and can to help you make the arrangements for the valuation and sale of items from higher value estates.

We are fully insured through Simply Business and are an Environment Agency Licensed Waste Carrier, we are also a member of the UK House Clearance Association, the first association of its kind set up to promote excellence & customer satisfaction within the UK house clearance industry.

Dear Mark: 

It has been a few months since you conducted the clearing on my deceased parents' property in Margam, but hopefully it's not too long ago to thank you belatedly for your services.   You made such a strong and favourable impression on both Dan and myself, and we can't thank you enough for your integrity, your courteous demeanour, and your abability to make us feel comfortable in what should have been an emotionally difficult process.  

I wish you great success in your future endeavors.
Best regards,
Stephanie Johnson

Dear Mr Parry.

I wanted to congratulate you and NAC Property Services on such a splendid job you made of clearing my late Fathers Home in Pencoed the other week, your services really surpassed our expectations. I truthfully do not know what we'd of done without your service! the task before us was just too overwhelming everywhere was stuffed to the gunnels with 'stuff', yet you and your team cleared everything away down to the last speck of dust leaving the house immaculate, even going above and beyond the call of duty and mowing the front lawn which was a most thoughtful and kind gesture. I'll certainly be singing your praises from the roof tops and passing on your Company info to anyone I find who's in need of a truly professional 5 star clearance team. May I on behalf of myself and my family, bid you and your business the utmost success in the future. I have no hesitation in highly recommending you and your Company to the whole of South Wales.

Warm Regards, J. Rhys (London)

Recent Projects.

Below are just a few of our recent projects, on each project page I have given the price that we charged for the clearance, I have also listed the discount I have given for the items with a re-sale value below the images, this is a rough guide but might help you estimate the cost of your clearance and maybe give you an idea of what items may or may not have a re-sale value.