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Hi, I am Mark Parry the owner of N.A.C Property Clearance, we are a professional property clearance company who specialise in house clearance in Llantwit Major, from a one bedroom flat to a complete house clearance in Llantwit Major, South Wales.

We have been clearing domestic and commercial properties in Llantwit Major for over 10 years, from one bedroom flats to complete house clearances, office's in the basement of private homes to the entire top floor of high rise commercial buildings, from shops and small storage facilities to complete factory complexes, we are large enough to cope and small enough to care, our lists of Domestic and Commercial Customers are continually expanding and include several Government Agencies and Local Authorities, from the General Public to Local, National and International Businesses and Charities we cover the full range of clearance projects.

We believe in building trust with our customers by being straightforward, honest and professional, we have an informal and friendly approach and are sure you will feel confident and at ease with our services, what we do we do well by going that extra mile, we are adaptable demonstrating a can do attitude, we take pride in our work and have the enthusiasm to achieve our best and deliver customer satisfaction on every job we undertake, we understand that every customer has different requirements and expectations, we will tailor our house clearance services to meet your needs.

Everything in your property at the moment that needs to be recycled or disposed of would be classed as domestic waste or domestic recycling and could be recycled at your local council recycling center for free subject to you getting it there, if we or any other business take these items from your property they then becomes commercial waste and we can only use commercial recycling centers to recycle these item’s for which there is a charge calculated by weight, our charges are based on these recycling costs plus the time, labor and transportation cost we would incur undertaking the clearance.


We can clear your whole property from start to finish all within a few hours without you having to lift a finger if you require us to, but the best way to reduce the cost of your house clearance would be for you to take all the smaller item's i.e. bric-a-brac, clothing, bedding, books, magazines and any other item’s you could realistically fit in the boot of your car either to a local charity shop or to your local council recycling center and recycle them for free, this method can reduce the cost of a clearance considerably and also gives you the opportunity to go through the property efficiently to ensure you have not overlooked any item of value, we can then give you a quotation to clear the larger bulky item’s of furniture etc, but if this is not a realistic option for you then don't worry we can do everything, we do not require you to separate or bag any item's all we need you to do is search the property with a fine tooth comb to ensure there are no item's of a financial or personal value that you would like to keep and we can clear and recycle everything else for you.

We guarantee everything removed during your house clearance is disposed of legally, we recycle or donate to charity as much material as possible, what we can't recycle or donate we dispose of legally using licensed and reputable commercial waste disposal contractors, we have full Public Liability Insurance and are an Environment Agency Licensed Waste Carrier, we are also a member of the UK House Clearance Association, the first association of its kind set up to promote excellence & customer satisfaction within the UK house clearance industry.

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We respect every individual's right to privacy, all the images displayed below are with the express permission of the property owner.

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Llantwit Major House Clearance

The images and information are from a House Clearance project we recently completed in Llantwit Major, CF61 , South Wales.

Date: 25th August 2016 - 25/08/2016
Job location: Llantwit Major, CF61 South Wales

Job type: House clearance

Property: 3 bedroom House
Completion time: 8 Hours

This is a probate valuation of item's in a property we cleared.

Please Note: The prices listed below are an open market value, open market being sales to the general public through auction sales rooms and internet sites such as e-bay or Gumtree and not what a jeweler, antique/secondhand or gold dealer would pay.

Various items of 9ct & 18ct Gold, open market estimation £1250

Various items of Costume Jewelry, open market estimation £250

9ct Gold Garrard Watch, open market estimation £120

Various items Camera Equipment, open market estimation £165

Barometer £35, Wall Clock £35, Mirror £15, 3 pieces of Cranberry Glass £45, Hall Table £20

Tea Caddy £45, 2 x Royal Doulton Figurines £60, Kettle £15, Mirror £25

Miners Lamp £45, Oil Lamp £85

Various items of Royal Doulton, Beswick, Cole Port, Worcester estimation £275

Washing Machine £85, sewing Box £65, Victorian Chair, £45, 2 seater chair £65

Piano Stool £45, Single Chair £45

Boxed model trains £85

Silver Plated Wedding cake stand £140

Piano Stool £45, Single Chair £45

Marble top wash stand £85

Small table and rocking chair £55,

Various items of china £30, Table and chairs £85 
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Llantwit Major House Clearance Company

Llantwit Major House Clearance Company

We are fully insured through Simply Business and are an Environment Agency Licensed Waste Carrier, we are also a member of the UK House Clearance Association, the first association of its kind set up to promote excellence & customer satisfaction within the UK house clearance industry.

Dear Mark: 

It has been a few months since you conducted the clearing on my deceased parents' property in Margam, but hopefully it's not too long ago to thank you belatedly for your services.   You made such a strong and favourable impression on both Dan and myself, and we can't thank you enough for your integrity, your courteous demeanour, and your abability to make us feel comfortable in what should have been an emotionally difficult process.  

I wish you great success in your future endeavors.
Best regards,
Stephanie Johnson

Dear Mr Parry.

I wanted to congratulate you and NAC Property Services on such a splendid job you made of clearing my late Fathers Home in Pencoed the other week, your services really surpassed our expectations. I truthfully do not know what we'd of done without your service! the task before us was just too overwhelming everywhere was stuffed to the gunnels with 'stuff', yet you and your team cleared everything away down to the last speck of dust leaving the house immaculate, even going above and beyond the call of duty and mowing the front lawn which was a most thoughtful and kind gesture. I'll certainly be singing your praises from the roof tops and passing on your Company info to anyone I find who's in need of a truly professional 5 star clearance team. May I on behalf of myself and my family, bid you and your business the utmost success in the future. I have no hesitation in highly recommending you and your Company to the whole of South Wales.

Warm Regards, J. Rhys (London)

Recent Projects.

Below are just a few of our recent projects, on each project page I have given the price that we charged for the clearance, I have also listed the discount I have given for the items with a re-sale value below the images, this is a rough guide but might help you estimate the cost of your clearance and maybe give you an idea of what items may or may not have a re-sale value.