Whats My Old Furniture Worth

Unfortunately the answer to your question is not very much at all, the reason for this is charity shops, over the last few years in every town or city there have been a surge of charity shops opening up on the high street, all selling the same type of items and all within a few hundred yards of each other, this competition has resulted in a price war driving the value of good quality second hand furniture through the floor and resulting in the lower value item's becoming worthless, in the end most good quality second hand furniture now has a relatively low value, for more information about the impact of charities on the high street please click the link above named charity. 

What About Antique Furniture ?

Even Antique furniture has become a thing of the past, and yes that joke was intended, it is common practice to define "antique" as applying to objects at least 100 years old, but in reality the Antique trade now very rarely class a piece of furniture as Antique unless it is around 200 years old, and even then they would prefer Items that are in good condition with no repairs needed, which to be honest is rare for a piece of furniture that old, so no Aunty Ethel's dark brown bedroom suite from the 1940,s just doesn't cut it as an Antique, or that Victorian Mirror back sideboard that has been in the family for over 100 years is now only worth around £40 on a good day, the whole market has moved away from brown furniture. 

What Can I Do ?

If you think your item's have a resale value my advice would be to try and sell your item's privately, you could try e-bay or Gumtree but I think the best market at the moment for the sale of second hand goods would be social media sites such as Facebook's local buy and sell pages, you will get a better price for them than selling them to a second hand furniture or Antique dealer if you can still find one that is, 95% of all the second hand dealers I know of have been put out of business by the competition from charity shops, if you are not sure of the value of any second hand item's you might have check the "completed" listings on e-bay or view our recent projects page on this site, on each project page I have given the price that we charged for the clearance, I have also listed the discount I have given for the items with a re-sale value below the images, this is a rough guide but might help you estimate the cost of your clearance and maybe give you an idea of what items may or may not have a re-sale value, the reason for this is unfortunately most second hand furniture has a relatively low value in the present economical climate and businesses that only deal in second hand item’s are finding it increasingly more difficult to survive, faced with competition from online markets such as Facebook, Gumtree, e-bay and hundreds of other internet sites along with an ever increasing number of charity shops, privately run second hand businesses and shops are closing down on a daily basis.

How We Work

We can clear your whole property from start to finish all within a few hours without you having to lift a finger if you require us to, but the best way to reduce the cost of your house clearance would be for you to try to sell your items or offer them to members of your own family and friends first, then if you are able take all the smaller item's i.e. bric-a-brac, clothing, bedding, books, magazines and any other item’s you could realistically fit in the boot of your car either to a local charity shop or to your local council recycling center and recycle them for free, this method can reduce the cost of a clearance considerably and also give you the opportunity to go through the property efficiently to ensure you have not overlooked any item of value, this can be a very emotional process of which I'm sure you are aware, we can then give you a quotation to clear the larger bulky item’s of furniture etc,  but if this is not a realistic option for you then don't worry we can do everything, we do not require you to separate or bag any item's all we need you to do is search the property with a fine tooth comb to ensure there are no item's of a financial or personal value that you would like to keep and we can clear and recycle everything else for you, we clear anything and everything, we can clear carpets and stair lifts, clear sheds and garages, clear attic's and basements.

Everything that would be left in your property that cannot be sold or donated to charity and needs to be recycled or disposed of would be classed as domestic waste or domestic recycling and could be recycled at your local council recycling center for free subject to you getting it there, (please be aware you cannot use a van or any other commercial vehicle for this), if we or any other business take these items from your property it then becomes commercial waste or commercial recycling so we can only use commercial recycling centers to dispose of or recycle these item’s for which there is a charge calculated by weight, our charges are based on these recycling costs plus the time, labor and transportation cost we would incur undertaking the clearance.

Please bare in mind we are not a charity, we are not linked or associated with any charities and we do not undertake free collections of item’s specifically to donate to charity, we are a business who specialise in property clearance, removal and recycling of all office and household contents, although during the course of our work we do acquire item’s that are suitable to be donated to charities, by donating things like books, cd’s and items of bric-a-brac, clothing and bedding and items of furniture we save money on the recycling costs of a house clearance making us more competitive with our house clearance quotations.

If You Just Need Advice or To Book A Free Quotation

Just Give Me A Call I'd Be Happy To Help

The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

The regulations apply to all furnishings, and furniture, furniture coverings, and seat pads, and furniture used in houses, gardens and caravans, the regulations apply to all landlords, estate agents, letting agents, charities selling furniture, and anyone selling or supplying second-hand furniture as part of a business or trade.

Foam/fillings used must pass the required test. The only way to ensure such compliance is to have an appropriate and permanent display label indicating that the furniture/furnishings are safe. please remember is that these regulations cover charity shops as well, which is why many such shops are unable to take any items which do not have appropriate fixed permanent compliance labels.

If items do not comply with the foam filled furniture regulations then they will have no value, as they cannot be sold second-hand.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994

To ensure that all electrical items sold are safe, the regulations state that a certificate of compliance is needed for all second hand electrical items sold, this means an electrical test by an appropriately qualified electrician, the regulations apply to all landlords, estate agents, letting agents, charities, and anyone selling or supplying second-hand  electrical items  as part of a business or trade, these regulations extend to charity shops, and explain why many charity shops are unable to take donations of electrical items.

The valuation of electrical items will need to reflect the fact that they need an electrician’s certificate of compliance test before they can be sold, and in respect to items such as old clock radios, kettles, toasters etc, this test will frequently cost more than any open market value that the items may have.

Gas Appliances (Safety) Regulations 1995

To ensure that all gas appliances sold are safe, the regulations state that a certificate of compliance is needed for all second hand gas appliances sold, this means a Gas Safe test by an appropriately qualified plumber, the regulations apply to all landlords, estate agents, letting agents, charities, and anyone selling or supplying second-hand  gas appliances  as part of a business or trade, these regulations extend to charity shops, and explain why many charity shops are unable to take donations of gas appliances.

The valuation of gas appliances will need to reflect the fact that they need a Gas Safe certificate of compliance test before they can be sold, and in respect to items such as cookers, Calor Gas heaters etc, this test will frequently cost more than any open market value that the items may have.

General product (Safety) regulations 2008

Some charity shops ( but not all ) now follow the recommended safety regulations regarding Glass in furniture, such as coffee tables and display cabinets, and will not accept them unless they meet the relevant safety standards indicated by a British Standard Kite Mark, to ensure its thickness in terms of the impact it can withstand, and that if it breaks, it does not shatter into long shards of glass that could cause serious injury, particularly to a child.




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We are fully insured through Simply Business and are a Natural Resources Wales Licensed Waste Carrier, we are also a member of the UK House Clearance Association, the first association of its kind set up to promote excellence & customer satisfaction within the UK house clearance industry.

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We respect every individual's right to privacy, all the images displayed below are with the express permission of the property owner.

Dear Mark 

Thank you for your efforts yesterday.  As I said, my sister and I were very impressed with the speed and organisation (and with the way your colleague helped deal with the neighbor's health crisis!). 

I have paid your invoice by "Faster Payment" and the payment will have credited to your account by the time you read this.

If you want to use me as a reference for your services, whether in my professional capacity as a solicitor or personal capacity as the customer, please feel free so to do.


Dear Mark: 

It has been a few months since you conducted the clearing on my deceased parents' property in Margam, but hopefully it's not too long ago to thank you belatedly for your services. You made such a strong and favourable impression on both Dan and myself, and we can't thank you enough for your integrity, your courteous demeanour, and your ability to make us feel comfortable in what should have been an emotionally difficult process.  

I wish you great success in your future endeavors.
Best regards,
Stephanie Johnson

Dear Mr Parry.

I wanted to congratulate you and N.A.C Property Services on such a splendid job you made of clearing my late Fathers Home in Pencoed the other week, your services really surpassed our expectations. I truthfully do not know what we'd of done without your service! the task before us was just too overwhelming everywhere was stuffed to the gunnels with 'stuff', yet you and your team cleared everything away down to the last speck of dust leaving the house immaculate, even going above and beyond the call of duty and mowing the front lawn which was a most thoughtful and kind gesture. I'll certainly be singing your praises from the roof tops and passing on your Company info to anyone I find who's in need of a truly professional 5 star clearance team. May I on behalf of myself and my family, bid you and your business the utmost success in the future. I have no hesitation in highly recommending you and your Company to the whole of South Wales.

Warm Regards, J. Rhys (London)

Recent Projects.

Below are just a few of our recent projects, on each project page I have given the price that we charged for the clearance, I have also listed the discount I have given for the items with a re-sale value below the images, this is a rough guide but might help you estimate the cost of your clearance and maybe give you an idea of what items may or may not have a re-sale value.